Easy Pay: Your go-to virtual payment solution

Corporate credit cards streamline expense management, but issuing them to every individual in your organization isn’t practical. When unforeseen expenses for things like travel, project-related costs or office supplies arise, use Easy Pay to send a virtual credit card to anyone for immediate use to pay for business expenses.  

Simpler payments, stronger controls

With Easy Pay, you maintain the control and insight into spending you need, while extending purchasing power to your team when they need it.

User-friendly experience

With a single click in the Easy Pay app, recipients can send a virtual credit card to their mobile wallet for in-store purchases or securely view complete card details for online transactions.

Immediate access to funds

Once issued, funds are readily available for immediate use, eliminating the need to wait for a physical card or pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement.

Quick and easy payments

Send a virtual credit card with ease and speed and allow your team to make business purchases without relying on personal credit cards.

Better control and visibility

Set card limits and expiration dates to protect against fraud and misuse. Easy Pay also seamlessly integrates with Access® Online so you can readily review transactions online.

From setup to payment, Easy Pay is simple to use.

With just a few simple steps, you can send Easy Pay to any individual in your organization who needs to make business purchases but doesn’t have a corporate credit card.

How Easy Pay works

Using the Easy Pay mobile or desktop app, send a virtual credit card directly to a user for immediate use.

Step 1

Enter recipient details, set the credit limit and determine the expiration date.

Step 2

Send the virtual credit card to the recipient through the Easy Pay app.

Step 3

Recipient views account details on their smart device and adds the virtual credit card information to their mobile wallet.

Common Easy Pay questions and answers