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Payment solutions

Elan Financial Services offers a complete set of payment solutions – whether you are looking for cost-effective alternatives to your current payment methods or want to automate your entire accounts payable process.

With the Elan One Card and Payment Plus, you are able to simplify processes, improve cash flow and increase your spend visibility. Discover how our payment solutions can deliver savings that go straight to your bottom line.

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One card

Integrate transaction data seamlessly with your financial systems

Elan One Card provides flexibility and control. The One Card is designed to give your organization the buying power it needs – pay for what you need, when you need it. With the One Card, your employees enjoy the ease and simplicity of using a single card for their business expenses, while your organization benefits from better expense management.

This powerful tool enables your organization to effectively manage business travel and procurement expenses with one payment solution.

With an Elan One Card you can:

  • Improve convenience and productivity for employees with a single card they can use for almost any business-related transaction
  • Reduce the labor and administrative costs associated with cumbersome paper-based procure-to-pay processes
  • Improve oversight and control with spending controls and point-of-sale restrictions
  • Consolidate and track business-related expenses to negotiate discounts with key suppliers
  • Integrate transaction data seamlessly with your financial systems


Elan also offers a managed spend card solution to complement your One Card program. It offers the same core features and functionality of the One Card while meeting the needs of individuals who manage short- and long-term budgetary spend.

  • Elan Managed Spend Card (PDF): developed to manage payments disbursed from budgetary funds, from project management to grants to employee relocations and more. The card provides declining balance and pre-funded options, making it easier to manage purchases and expenditures that often fall beyond the scope of traditional One Card programs.
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Payment plus virtual pay

Automate payments and maximize cost savings

Payment Plus (PDF) allows you to pay suppliers electronically via cardless payment accounts. Each account is set to a specific payment amount, for a specific merchant, during a specific time period, giving you the ability to convert customary accounts payable spend – which typically require additional levels of approvals and controls due to their complexity and size – to commercial card accounts.

By leveraging cardless payment accounts, your organization can reduce paper check processing costs and increase accounts payable efficiency – all while retaining your existing payables processes and systems.

This highly secure payment method can help your organization:

  • Automate payments and simplify reconciliation
  • Reduce processing and operating costs
  • Increase control and security
  • Gain superior spend visibility and reporting
  • Enhance cash management – including revenue-share opportunity
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14 Reasons to choose the Elan One Card

Streamline your travel, entertainment and purchasing in one card.

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Managed spend card overview brochure

Add efficiency over short and long term budgetary spend.

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Payment plus overview brochure

Replace paper-based payments and increase security and control.

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